Fruit of the Spirit

I joined the site YouVersion the other day and signed up for a reading plan.  I am reading the New Testament Epistles and Acts in 85 days.  Todays reading was Romans 1 and Acts 1.  As I read through Romans 1, I read the study notes from my Lutheran Study Bible.  It mentioned that Luther stated that “it is right for a preacher of the gospel in the first place by revelation of the law and of sin to rebuke and to constitute as sin everything that is not the living fruit of the Spirit and of faith in Christ, in order that men should be led to know themselves and their own wretchedness, and to become humble and ask for help.”  This makes me think of my old church.  My pastor had a tendency to ignore the sins of people so that they were never held accountable for them and never had the opportunity to ask for help in that way.

As I continued reading to the end of the chapter it was talking about how the people were exchanging the glory of God for humanly things and that God gave them up to their lust.  Women had relationships with women and men had relationships with men.  It made me think of the recent bill that was overturned in California for same sex marriage, so then I read the Lutheran stance on marriage with God’s blessing.  It states that Christians should abhor homosexuality as we abhor any other sin, but that we should see homosexuals as people for whom Christ shed his blood.  Like any other sinner they need to hear God’s word of Law and Gospel applied to their life with the goal of repentance and faith.

I am sorry if this offends anyone.  As a Lutheran there is a strong stance on homosexuality.  I can only pray that God’s will be done in the final decision of Proposition 8.


One thought on “Fruit of the Spirit

  1. This subject of “homosexuality” is a difficult sensitive subject but God didn’t call us to live a comfortable life. Jesus’s life was nothing but easy. He stood up against the Pharisees and the general “culture” of the people. Read the Bible and it clearly states that homosexuality is a sin. We get too caught up in trying to be sensitive to people’s feelings and we are also afraid to go up against the culture we live in. I love how people always want to throw up constitutions and declarations stating this and that freedom. But what about the freedom, the only true freedom, we got from Christ? We can’t pick and choose what we follow. Is our country, our government falling away from God? With all that said we are all sinners. There is no grey area! But we are called to love one another. Great blog babe!

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