My Opinion, My Frustration

As of late I have been frustrated and saddened by the lost relationship with my Pastor and church.  Michael has commented about it on his blogs and recently I felt compelled to do the same.

About two months ago Michael and I decided to search for a new church home.  The main reason being that there were things happening, or should I say not happening, that we disagreed with.  On top of this we still carried some resentment and hurt for situations that were not handled properly, something that takes time and prayer to heal.

We belong to a Lutheran church and expect to receive the Holy sacraments, learn scripture from the Bible, and follow the traditional Lutheran ways.  This includes an approved Lutheran service.  Instead we felt as if we were missing some core Lutheran traditions and felt as if we were gaining nothing from the poorly constructed sermons.  I know some people will take offense to this, but I am entitled to my thoughts and opinions. God uses different tools to reach different people and He wasn’t using this situation to reach us.

We then also found out that some people in lead positions of the church were acting in inappropriate ways but yet still held their leadership positions. We all must be held accountable for our actions. Then I was told that since I wanted to worship in a more traditional Lutheran church that I was allowing my preferences to choose where I worshipped and that I must not be right with God. My “preference” coming from a Lutheran Pastor in a Lutheran Church, doesn’t make too much sense to me.

The main reason we left our church was because we felt like our relationship with God was being hindered because the main focus of the church was not on Christ.  My focus is on Christ and Christ alone.  Without Him we would not be who we are today.  He went to the cross for our sins so we may have salvation.

I know that there is no perfect church and that we are all sinful.  I know that we should not hold our Pastor and elders to be better people than we are, or should we?  A Pastor is specially called by God to preach the word.  Why then shouldn’t he be held more accountable than I?  I am so tired of scripture being taken out of context and used against us.  I am tired of people in leadership roles not being held responsible for their actions.  I am tired of the Lutheran church being made a mockery of.  I am sure my family has been slandered by certain people so that they would look better and not be held responsible for any wrong doing, therefore I am especially tired of ignorant people acting like they know what is going on when they have no clue.

I am sinner and have done wrong; people have and are sinning against me. God forgives me and forgives them. This is something I must learn from God, to forgive those who trespass against me.


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